First Year Experience

The First Year Experience Program (FYE) focuses on the first-year students and their transition from high school to college. Our goal is to provide academic and social opportunities for first year students to connect with key campus resources and gain important leadership skills. Students may complete a college success course, attend various workshops, and even join a student organization.

The FYE program offers early engagement opportunities for students enrolling in college. Statistics show that students who are more engaged are more likely to be more successful in attaining a degree. The FYE program helps students establish patterns of decision-making and achieve an academic level that is essential for success in your college career.

Workshops include Student Services and Getting Involved, Academic Planning, Financial Literacy, Effective Study Strategies, How to Write a College Paper, How to prepare for your Finals and more. College Success Courses include COL 102◊ - Embracing the College Experience and CSG 150◊ - Career and Life Planning.

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