MAT 101 Quantitative Literacy #

Develop conceptual understanding, problem-solving, decision-making and analytic skills dealing with quantities and their magnitudes and interrelationships, using calculators and personal computers as tools. Includes: computing statistical measures such as central tendency and dispersion; computing correlation coefficients and regression equations; using normal distributions to test hypotheses; using logical statements and arguments in a real-world context; graphing functions and solving systems of equations and inequalities and modeling data; examination of voting methods and apportionment; and selecting and using appropriate approaches and tools in formulating and solving real-world problems. (Fall 2018)


3 credits

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5/19/2020 5:52:41 PM


Reading and Writing: must meet all current Reading and Writing requirements for RHT 101 placement AND MAT 080 or MAT 085 or MAT 096 with a grade of C or higher, or required Math placement test score, or other placement options (qualifying ACT or SAT scores)




IAI: M1 901