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Political Science, Associate in Arts

(formerly Social and Political Science)

Curriculum SOC.PSC.AA (U224A45)

These courses offer a study of contemporary and political issues. Political science courses provide both an historical perspective, as well as a contemporary perspective, while examining the nature of the state both nationally and internationally.


At the completion of the Associate in Arts Degree (Political Science) emphasis, the graduate will be able to:

  • identify the fundamental structures and institutions of the United State's political system and other political systems;
  • define important political science theories and concepts;
  • summarize a conceptual argument or theoretical approach, apply it t an actual situation relevant to political science, and support their application with appropriate evidence; and
  • compare and evaluate the merits of two or more politcal policies, theories, or concepts.

Recommended courses:

Graduation from an Illinois college or university requires satisfactory completion of one or more courses incorporating Human Diversity, which may be taken as a Social Behavioral Science or a Humanities and Fine Arts course.
Course NumberTitleCredits
PSC 120Principles of Political Science

3 credits

PSC 150American National Politics

3 credits

PSC 151American State and Urban Politics

3 credits

PSC 184Global Politics

3 credits

PSC 296Special Topics in Political Science

1 - 4 credits

(Select courses that meet the BA requirements of your transfer college.)

General education requirements:

AA degree

Course NumberTitleCredits
Total Credit Hours:37-40

Political Science courses or other electives for AA degree

Course NumberTitleCredits
Total Credit Hours:20-23

See PSC course descriptions; SSC course descriptions.

Recommended electives include courses in History, Economics, Anthropology, Foreign Languages, Education, Literature, Sociology and Geography.

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