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History, Associate of Arts

Curriculum SOC.HIS.AA (U224A46)

Courses in History cover a variety of American and international topics. Designed at the freshman and sophomore levels, these courses provide a broad foundation on which a student may specialize. Beyond general education requirements and personal interests, students should select courses that meet requirements at the transfer institution of choice.


At the successful completion of the Associate in Arts Degree (History) emphasis, the graduate will be able to:

  • explain the historical significance of major historical events, actors, and concepts;
  • evaluate the content and reliability of primary, secondary, and tertiary historical sources;
  • distinguish between different identity-centered perspectives, with emphasis on the ideological, historical, and socio-economic forces influencing those perspectives;
  • construct an interpretation of a major historic event or actor, using correctly cited evidence, as demonstrated orally and/or in writing;
  • connect historic social, political, economic and cultural concepts to their own lives, by comparing and contrasting historical and modern events; and
  • present differing historiographical views of historical concepts and events.

Recommended courses:

Graduation from an Illinois college or university requires satisfactory completion of one or more courses incorporating Human Diversity, which may be taken as a Social Behavioral Science or a Humanities and Fine Arts course.
Course NumberTitleCredits
HIS 121History of Western Civilization to 1700

3 credits

HIS 122History of Western Civilization from 1700 to the Present

3 credits

HIS 141World History to 1500

3 credits

HIS 142World History From 1500

3 credits

HIS 151History of the United States to 1877

3 credits

HIS 152History of the United States Since 1877

3 credits

HIS 155History of the Afro-American in the United States

3 credits

HIS 156African History

3 credits

HIS 171History of Latin America I

3 credits

HIS 172History of Latin America II

3 credits

HIS 191History of Asia and the Pacific I

3 credits

HIS 192History of Asia and the Pacific II

3 credits

HIS 296Special Topics in History

1 - 4 credits

HIS 155◊, HIS 156◊, HIS 191◊, HIS 192◊: Not offered every semester.

(Select courses that meet the BA requirements of your transfer college.)

General education requirements:

AA degree

Course NumberTitleCredits
Total Credit Hours:37-40

History courses or other electives for AA degree

Course NumberTitleCredits
Total Credit Hours:20-23

See HIS course descriptions.

Recommended electives include other courses in the Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Humanities, Literature, Foreign Language, Economics and the Arts.

Chairperson: Bill Decker, Ext. 3509