Critical Systems Maintenance Certificate

Curriculum CE.CSM.CERT (C381A)

The Critical Systems Maintenance Certificate provides both lecture and hands-on training for facility engineers working in critical system environments. Students who come through Local 399 will become familiar with the design and operations of mission critical facilities in order to address risk tolerance, reliability, maintainability, and predictive maintenance. They will also acquire the necessary skills for employment in jobs requiring multiple maintenance competencies. These competencies will allow graduates to obtain highly skilled maintenance positions in a variety of industries, office buildings, universities, hospitals, school districts, municipalities, stadia and commercial/industrial facilities.


At the successful completion of the Critical Systems Maintenance Certificate, the graduate will be able to:

  • maintain systems and functions associated with mission-critical systems and the maintenance of facilities;
  • troubleshoot predictive and preventative maintenance functions of facilities; and
  • demonstrate effective communication using written, oral, and graphic formats.

Graduates of the program may seek employment as a facilities engineer, stationary operating engineer, an operating engineer, a chief engineer, maintenance foreman, or as a building maintenance supervisor.

Semester One

Course NumberTitleCredits
FET 101Indoor Air Quality

4 credits

FET 105Commercial Heating and Cooling Systems I

4 credits

FET 110Electricity for Facilities Engineers I

4 credits

FET 115Commercial Heating and Cooling Systems II #

4 credits

Total Credit Hours:16

Semester Two

Course NumberTitleCredits
FET 135Pneumatic and Direct Digital Controls

4 credits

FET 210Electricity for Facilities Engineers II #

4 credits

FET 230Critical Systems

2 credits

FET 231Facility Systems

4 credits

FET 232Critical Systems Operations and Maintenance

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:17

Total Credit Hours: 33

See FET course descriptions.

Dean: Belkis Torres-Capeles, Ext. 3714

Gainful Employment

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