Early Childhood Career Pathway Certificate Level II

(formerly Child Development CDA Preparation Certificate)

Curriculum ECE.CDA.CERT (C420C)

The Early Childhood Career Pathway Certificate is designed for students enrolled in early childhood to attain a Gateway Level 2 Credential to meet ExceleRate/employer requirements. The Early Childhood Career Pathway Certificate is designed for students seeking immediate employment and are pursuing Gateways Credentials to secure employment or progress within a current role. This pathway is designed with stackable course offerings so students can progress within the credentialing program.

Daytime field experiences are requirements for all ECE classes, progressing from basic observation to a supervised observation/preparation class which precedes student teaching in the Lab School at Triton College.

College and state medical assessments and background inquiry checks are required of all individuals working with young children.

All program electives may not transfer to four year colleges/universities.


At the successful completion of the Early Childhood Career Pathway Level II Certificate, the graduate will be able to:

  • recognize Developmentally Appropriate Practice in all aspects of curriculum and instruction;
  • describe the developmental characteristics and needs of children birth through age eight;
  • utilize observation, documentation, and assessment to inform their practices with young children;
  • establish respectful and reciprocal relationship with children and their families;
  • create classroom environments that promote respect and acceptance for human diversity; and
  • recognize professional practices that are aligned with NAEYC Professional Standards and Code of Ethical Conduct.

CDA Preparation Core

Semester One

Course NumberTitleCredits
ECE 110Early Child Development

3 credits

ECE 111Introduction to Early Childhood Education

3 credits

ECE 153Guiding Children and Managing the Classroom

1 credit

Total Credit Hours:7

Semester Two

Course NumberTitleCredits
ECE 118Health, Nutrition & Safety #

3 credits

ECE 138Observation, Assessment, Curriculum and Guidance of Young Children #

3.5 credits

ECE 142Students With Disabilities in School #

3 credits

ECE 146Child, Family & Community

2 credits

Total Credit Hours:11.5

Total Credit Hours: 18.5

Note: A minimum grade of "C" is required as a prerequisite for each ECE course in all ECE programs.

See ECE course descriptions.

Chairperson: Ayelet Miller, Email: ayeletmiller@triton.edu, Ext. 3989

Gainful Employment

The information provided in the link below is available to assist students in making informed choices about their education and career.


For more information about Gainful Employment, visit the Triton College Financial Aid Office, located in the Student Center Building, Room B-160, or send an email to: finaid@triton.edu.