Scholarship Opportunities

In an effort to reward students for their academic ability and involvement in community and school activities, Triton College offers prospective and current students the opportunity to apply for scholarships. Scholarships are available for students from a variety of sources. A list of current scholarships can be found online at along with the online application. Students may stop in the Scholarship Office located in the Financial Aid Office, Room B-160 for additional information.

In addition to institutional scholarships, the Scholarship Office has a list of scholarships available to students in specific areas of study, such as accounting, education, criminal justice, health careers, graphic arts/printing, etc. Information on these scholarships and those offered by a variety of service organizations is available on our website at The Financial Aid section of the college website also provides access to scholarship search engines in order to assist students in identifying nationwide scholarship information.

For more information, contact the scholarship coordinator at (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3616.