ECE 251 Practicum #

Capstone course that provides students the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned throughout the program.  Students will apply early childhood theories, best practices, and ethical guidelines while working with young children in a high-quality early childhood program. Students are mentored and supervised by a cooperating teacher and course instructor.  Quality care and developmentally appropriate practice are emphasized. Students will also meet once a week for a seminar for discussion and reflection of their practical experience. Discussion topics will include curriculum development, guidance strategies, relationship building with children and families, and professionalism and ethical responsibilities. (course fee is required) (Fall 2020)


5 credits

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ECE 110, ECE 111, ECE 118◊, ECE 121◊, ECE 138◊, ECE 142, ECE 146, ECE 153, ECE 231◊, ECE 233, ECE 252◊ (all with a grade of 'C' or higher) and department chairperson's approval



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