Pesticide Applicator Certificate

Curriculum HRT.PAA.CERT (C401G)

(Total Program Credits: 6)

Designed for learners seeking qualification for employment as a pesticide applicator in the Horticulture and Landscape industries and prepares them for the Illinois Department of Agriculture Commercial Pesticide Applicator Exam. The Pest Applicator Certificate is stackable into other Horticulture degrees and certificates allowing the opportunity to continue education in the discipline.


Upon successful completion of the Pesticide Applicator Certificate program, the graduate will be able to:

  • describe life cycles and hosts of insects;
  • identify the types of insect prevention and controls, including sustainable practices;
  • describe the various types of pesticides;
  • prepare various types of pesticides;
  • discuss the environmental impact of pesticides;
  • diagnose plant problems; and
  • manage pathogenic organisms with various means, including Integrated Pest Management.

(Fall 2021)

Semester One: Fall

Course NumberTitleCredits
HRT 127Entomology: Insects, People and Plants

3 credits

HRT 128Plant Pathology

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:6
See HRT course descriptions.

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