Engineering Technology/Mechatronics Certificate

Curriculum Code: ENT.MEC.CERT (C448V)

(formerly C548F)

(Total Program Credits: 21)

The Engineering Technology/Mechatronics Certificate curriculum is designed for individuals seeking to secure a position in industry requiring skills and knowledge working with automation equipment, industrial controls, and basic robotics.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Engineering Technology/Mechatronics Certificate, the graduate will be able to:
  • identify electronic and mechanical parts of an automated system;
  • interpret electrical wiring diagrams and symbols;
  • install, program, and troubleshoot Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs);
  • explain the principal operations of a mechatronic system;
  • implement safety regulations required for operation of the system; and
  • measure in inches and metric systems.

Placement Measures

(Fall 2021)

Program Map for Full-Time Students

Semester One: Fall

Course NumberTitleCredits
ENT 104Electricity Basic Fundamentals

3 credits

ENT 115Fluid Power

3 credits

ENT 204Programmable Logic Controllers I

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:9

Semester Two: Spring

Course NumberTitleCredits
ENT 202Electricity Sustainable Applications #

4 credits

ENT 205Robotics I

4 credits

ENT 206Programmable Logic Controllers II #

4 credits

Total Credit Hours:12

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Chairperson: Antigone Sharris, Ext. 3622; email:; Cell Phone: (773) 580-8807