Engineering Technology/Electrical Certificate

Curriculum Code: ENT.ELC.CERT (C446I)

(Total Program Credits: 16)

The Engineering Technology/Electrical Certificate program provides students with electrical skills in an industry setting. Students are taught electrical processes and safety such as OSHA general requirements for electrical work and equipment, electrical equipment, grounding, electrical standards and codes, electrical installation, and wiring. In addition, students will learn blueprints/schematics and specification reading, and other electrical processes needed for employability. Graduates will find entry-level employment as electrical technicians, industrial maintenance technicians, as well as apprentice level electricians, architecture, or journeymen.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Engineering Technology/Electrical Certificate, the graduate will be able to:

  • identify electronic and electrical parts, both single and three-phase;
  • interpret electrical wiring diagrams and symbols;
  • prevent hazards on a construction site in accordance with OSHA 10-hour training guidelines;
  • use the current National Electrical Code (NEC) for residential wiring in class projects;
  • explain the principal operations of an electrical system components;
  • demonstrate safety practices required for operation of an electrical system; and
  • present as part of a design team the ethics that should be practiced in designing a product.

(Fall 2021)

Placement Measures

Program Map for Full-Time Students

Semester One: Fall

Course NumberTitleCredits
ARC 102OSHA 10-Hour Construction Training

1 credit

COT 107Codes, Specifications and Print Reading

3 credits

ENT 104Electricity Basic Fundamentals

3 credits

ENT 201Electrical Residential Wiring #

3 credits

ENT 202Electricity Sustainable Applications #

4 credits

ENT 203Electrical Codes and Standards #

2 credits

Total Credit Hours:16

See ENT course descriptions; ARC course descriptions and COT course descriptions.

Chairperson: Antigone Sharris, Ext. 3622; email:; Cell Phone: (773) 580-8807