Engineering Technology/Design Certificate

Curriculum Code: ENG.ENT.CERT (C348B)

(Total Program Credits: 25)

The Engineering Technology Design certificate curriculum provides the student with the fundamental courses applicable for an entry-level position working with design professionals within engineering departments, plant maintenance, production departments and technical sales and support. Designed to jump-start an education in engineering technology with first discussions on the concepts of Lean principles in the design process and knowledge in working with the various measurement devices used in determining quality assurance of prototypes and finished goods.

Contains coursework within the Engineering Technology AAS degree, a degree that gives graduates the education needed to fill technical positions in product design and development and transfers to four-year technology-related programs, including (but not limited to) the Illinois Institute of Technology, Illinois State University, Northern Illinois University and Purdue University/Calumet. These four-year programs further prepare you to move into leadership roles, such as industrial supervision, machine and tool designer, technical buyers, production expediters and cost estimators.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Engineering Technology/Design Certificate, the graduate will be able to:
  • measure product using inches and metric system of measurement;
  • use electrical wiring diagrams and symbols to design a product;
  • demonstrate safety practices in the design process;
  • analyze a piece-part drawing and make an appropriate listing of operations to build the product; and
  • present as part of a design team the ethics that should be practiced in designing a product.

(Fall 2021)

Placement Measures

Program Map for Full-Time Students

Semester One: Fall

Course NumberTitleCredits
ENT 104Electricity Basic Fundamentals

3 credits

ENT 110Engineering Design Graphics/CAD

4 credits

ENT 111Metrology with Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

3 credits

ENT 252Introduction to Mechanical AutoCAD #

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:13

Semester Two: Spring

Course NumberTitleCredits
ENT 115Fluid Power

3 credits

ENT 232Descriptive Geometry #

3 credits

ENT 260Jig & Fixture Design #

3 credits


ENT 255Autodesk Inventor Design & Rendering #

3 credits


ENT 280Solidworks Design & Rendering #

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:12

See ENT course descriptions.

Chairperson: Antigone Sharris, Ext. 3622; email:; Cell Phone: (773) 580-8807