Engine Performance Certificate

Curriculum AUT.EGP.CERT (C447C)

The Engine Performance certificate program is designed to provide the student skills to seek entry-level employment as an engine performance technician.

This program does not include all of the high-tech courses necessary for today’s master technician.

Instruction includes complete fuel system diagnosis, repair and adjustment, battery, starting, charging and ignition system testing, scope/engine analyzer usage both analog and digital, and computerized engine control systems.


At the successful completion of the Automotive Engine Performance Certificate, the graduate will be able to:

  • demonstrate industry knowledge through safety OSHA, EPA practices and procedures;
  • analyze vehicle symptoms or assess vehicle situations based on previous knowledge and classroom/shop experience;
  • explain proper procedures when dealing with a check engine or emissions related problem;
  • communicate with instructors applying the target language utilized in a repair facility or as technicians in the industry; and
  • determine a systematic approach more suitable to the situation encountered to repair/replace or diagnose an engine performance issue.

Semester One

Course NumberTitleCredits
AUT 112Introduction to Automotive Technology

3 credits

AUT 114Fuel Management Systems #

4 credits

AUT 127Automotive Electricity & Electronics I #

4 credits

Total Credit Hours:11

Semester Two

Course NumberTitleCredits
AUT 129Automotive Electricity & Electronics II #

3 credits

AUT 226Engine Performance & Diagnosis #

5 credits

Total Credit Hours:8

Semester Three

Course NumberTitleCredits
AUT 230Computerized Engine Controls #

5 credits

Total Credit Hours:5

Total Credit Hours: 24

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Coordinator: Ken Davs, Ext. 3454, Email: kennethdavis@triton.edu