Graduation Procedures

It is the student's responsibility to see that all graduation requirements are satisfied. Students are encouraged to consult with a counselor to monitor their educational progress.

A degree, career certificate or advanced certificate is not automatically conferred upon completion of Triton College curriculum requirements. Candidates must file a Petition for Graduation with a records evaluator according to published deadline dates. Deadline dates are listed in the calendar section of this catalog, various college publications and in the Office of Admission.

Candidates for May graduation, as well as August and December graduates, are encouraged to participate in the annual commencement exercises held at the end of each spring semester. Students completing any degree or certificate program will have up to one year to participate in a commencement ceremony. Exceptions will be approved by the dean of Student Services.

High Honors, designated by gold honor cords, are awarded at the annual commencement to graduating associate's degree students having a 3.75 or higher cumulative Grade Point Average.

Honors, distinguished by red honor cords, are awarded at the annual commencement to graduating associate degree students having at least a 3.50 but less than 3.75 cumulative GPA.

Blue honor cords are awarded at the annual commencement to graduating students receiving career certificates, including advanced certificates, if they have a 3.50 or higher cumulative GPA.

Students who have not attended Triton College for an uninterrupted period of five years may petition through a records evaluator to exclude all prior grades from the computation of the cumulative GPA to determine eligibility for graduation with honors.