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Foreign Language Options

Many colleges and universities require one or two years of a foreign language. Students should consult the college or university to which they plan to transfer.

Students with some foreign language background should contact a counselor for appropriate placement. Generally, a student with high school foreign language is placed as follows:

High School 0-2 years = 101 or 102 Triton Foreign Language

High School 2-3 years = 102 or 103 Triton Foreign Language

High School 3-4 years = 103 or 104 Triton Foreign Language

Foreign language placement tests can be taken at the testing center in the A Building, Room A-126.

Students enrolled in selected foreign language courses may choose to be graded on either the letter-grade (A through F) or the Pass/Reschedule system. For details, see the "Academic Information" section of this catalog. Students who demonstrate substantial academic progress in a course but attain a proficiency level below that required for a passing grade may be assigned the "R" grade (Reschedule). Students must inform the instructor of the grading option they have chosen before the fifth week of the semester (and a proportionate time period for less-than-semester-length classes). Students should consult with the institution to which they intend to transfer regarding the transferability of the "P" (Pass) grade.

Student interest in foreign language aptitude for business professions has resulted in an international business concentration at Triton. For information, see the International Business program description in the "Associate in Science degree" section of this catalog.