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Arts and Sciences Programs Offered


Associate in Arts Degree


Art, VPA.ART.AA (U224A50)

Criminal Justice Administration, CJA.CJA.AA (U224A43)

Education, EDU.EAE.AA (U224A13)

English and Rhetoric, ENG.RHT.AA (U224A21)

History, SOC.HIS.AA (U224A46)

Mass Communication—Multimedia, VPA.MCM.AA (U224A09)

Modern Languages, SOC.FLA.AA (U224A16) 

Music, VPA.MUS.AA (U224A51)

Music Technology, VPA.MUT.AA (U224A52)

Philosophy and Logic, BES.PHL.AA (U224A38)

Political Science, SOC.PSC.AA (U224A45)

Psychology, BES.PSY.AA (U224A42)

Sociology/Social Work, BES.SWK.AA (U224A44)

Speech Communication, VPA.SPE.AA (U224A23)

Speech/Theatre, VPA.THE.AA (U224A22)

Women's and Gender Studies, SOC.WGS.AA (U224A15)

General Education Core Curriculum (GECC) Credential


Associate in Science Degree


Accounting & Business Administration, BUS.ACC.AS (U230A06)

Anthropology, BES.ANT.AS (U230A31)

Biological Sciences, SCI.BIS.AS (U230A26)

Chemistry, SCI.CHM.AS (U230A28)

Computer Science (Information Systems), CIS.CSI.AS (U230A11)

Computer Science (Technical), CIS.CST.AS (U230A12)

Criminal Justice Administration, CJA.CJA.AS (U230A43)

Economics, SOC.ECO.AS (U230A08)

Environmental Science, SCI.ENV.AS (U230A29)

Geology, SCI.GOL.AS (U230A33)

Health, Sport & Exercise Science, HSE.PED.AS (U230A36)

International Business, SOC.IBU.AS (U230A07)

Mathematics, MAT.MAT.AS (U230A27)

Personal Trainer, see Applied Science Programs

Physical Education, U230A36, see Health, Sport & Exercise Science

Physics, SCI.PHY.AS (U230A34)

Pre-Profession, SCI.PPO.AS (U230A30)

Associate in General Studies Degree