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Health, Sport and Exercise Science, Associate in Science

(formerly Physical Education)

Optional Third Year for 3 Plus 1 Transfer Option with Concordia University

Sport and Recreation Specialty



Upon successful completion of the Associate in Science Degree (Sport and Recreation Specialty), the graduate will be able to:

  • explain business and management strategies in varied fields of health, sport, and exercise science.
Course NumberTitleCredits

Semester Five: Fall

Course NumberTitleCredits
BUS 150Principles of Management

3 credits

General education/Humanities

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:14
GECC Credential achieved.

Semester Six: Spring

Course NumberTitleCredits
BUS 200Introduction to Human Resource Management

3 credits

ECO 102Macroeconomics

3 credits

Sport and Recreation Specialty PED or BUS electives

8 credits

Total Credit Hours:14

Sport Managmenet, Fitness and Recreation electives:

Course NumberTitleCredits
PED 106Total Fitness

1 credit

PED 168Theory and Practice of Weight Training

2 credits

PED 180Strength Conditioning and Performance

3 credits

PED 194Principles of Coaching

3 credits

PED 195Introduction to Sport Management

3 credits

PED 196Sport and Exercise Psychology

3 credits

PED 197Sociology of Sport

3 credits

PED 201Sports Officiating

2 credits

PED 210Exercise Testing and Prescription

3 credits

PED 275Facilities Management

3 credits


BUS electives selected with advisor

3 credits

(Select courses that meet the BS requirements of your transfer college.)

Graduation Requirements

General Education requirements:

AS degree                                                                     Subtotal: 37-41

Health, Sport and Exercise Science courses
or other electives toward the AS degree              Subtotal: 19-23

General Education requirements by discipline:

  • Communications: Three courses (nine semester hours).
  • Humanities and Fine Arts: Two courses (six semester hours), with at least one course selected from Humanities and at least one course from the Fine Arts;
  • Social and Behavioral Science: two courses (six semester credits), with courses selected from at least two disciplines.

    Graduation from an Illinois college or university requires satisfactory completion of one or more courses incorporating Human Diversity, which may be taken as a Humanities and Fine Arts or Social and Behavioral Science course.

  • Mathematics: Two courses (six to nine semester hours).
  • Physical and Life Science: Three courses (10-11 semester hours), with at least one course selected from the Life Sciences and one course from the Physical Sciences and including at least one laboratory course.

Foreign Language encouraged if transferring to a four-year institution.

See PED course descriptions.

Chairperson: Julianne Murphy, Ext. 3087