Mobile Maintenance Certificate

Curriculum Code: CE.MOM.CERT (C383A)

(Total Program Credits: 33)

The Mobile Maintenance Certificate provides both lecture and hands-on training for facility engineers conducting mobile maintenance at satellite locations in open-air environments. In many instances, the value of real estate or the desire to place equipment out of sight leads companies to place an array of HVAC equipment on the roof. This rooftop equipment presents facility engineers with unique challenges, primarily related to weather and access. Local 399 Educational Training Fund participants will become familiar with the design and operations of rooftop HVAC facilities in order to address risk tolerance, reliability, maintainability, and predictive maintenance.

They will also acquire the necessary skills for employment in jobs requiring multiple maintenance competencies. These competencies will allow graduates to obtain highly skilled maintenance positions in a variety of industries.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Mobile Maintenance Certificate, the graduate will be able to:
  • maintain systems and functions associated with externally mounted HVAC equipment;
  • troubleshoot predictive and preventative maintenance functions of rooftop equipment; and
  • demonstrate effective communication using written, oral, and graphic formats.

Graduates of the program may seek employment as a facilities engineer, operating engineer, chief engineer, maintenance foreman, or as a building maintenance supervisor working in settings involving complex systems.

(Fall 2021)

Placement Measures

Program Map for Full-Time Students

Semester One: Fall

Course NumberTitleCredits
FET 101Indoor Air Quality

4 credits

FET 105Commercial Heating and Cooling Systems I

4 credits

FET 110Electricity for Facilities Engineers I

4 credits

FET 115Commercial Heating and Cooling Systems II #

4 credits

Total Credit Hours:16

Semester Two: Spring

Course NumberTitleCredits
FET 135Pneumatic and Direct Digital Controls

4 credits

FET 210Electricity for Facilities Engineers II #

4 credits

FET 240Mobile Maintenance

3 credits

FET 241Mobile Maintenance System Components

3 credits

FET 242Rooftop Equipment and Operations Maintenance

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:17

See FET course descriptions.

Dean: Bianca Sola-Perkins, Ext. 3714