A+ Microcomputer Technician Certificate

Curriculum Code: CIS.APL.CERT (C407N)

(Total Program Credits: 15)

The A+ Microcomputer Technician certificate is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to obtain an entry-level position in the growing specialty of PC technical support. The courses parallel CompTIA’s A+ exam objectives.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the A+ Microcomputer Technician Certificate, the graduate will be able to:
  • describe the hardware and software components of a computer in order to understand their function, dependencies and interactions;
  • repair and replace hardware components to fix problems with client PCs;
  • install and configure Windows client operating system to prepare it for use;
  • describe LAN/WAN topologies, protocols and terminology needed to design, configure and maintain a network;
  • design and install a LAN to allow computers to communicate and share data; and
  • design network security to provide users appropriate access and protection against intrusions.

(Spring 2022)

Placement Measures

Program Map for Full-Time Students

Semester One: Fall

Course NumberTitleCredits
CIS 101Computer Systems & Business Applications



CIS 102Professional Information Technology and Computer Science



CIS 105A+ PC Hardware & Software


CIS 106A+ PC Maintenance & Repair


CIS 174Windows Client-Server Systems Administration


CIS 210Data Communications & Networking Fundamentals #


Total Credit Hours:15

Note:  A+ Certified technicians can earn credit towards CIS 105◊ and/or CIS 106◊.

See CIS course descriptions.

Note: A+ Certified technicians can earn credit towards CIS 105◊ and/or CIS 106

Chairperson: Michael Henson, Ext. 3354