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Automotive Service Department Management, Associate in Applied Science

Curriculum AUT.SDM.AAS (C247E)

The Automotive Service Department Management program blends technical and management courses to prepare students to enter the automotive service management field.


At the successful completion of the Associate in Applied Science Degree in Automotive Service Department program, the graduate will be able to:

  • demonstrate industry knowledge through safety OSHA, EPA practices and procedures;
  • use appropriate technology and resources to research, analyze, and integrate data to solve business problems;
  • demonstrate and adapt to the communication, leadership and team building style of co-workers;
  • demonstrate knowledge of the business environment from an ethical, economic and global perspective; and
  • prepare and present effective written and oral business reports.

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Semester One

Course NumberTitleCredits
AUT 112Introduction to Automotive Technology

3 credits

AUT 114Fuel Management Systems #

4 credits

AUT 127Automotive Electricity & Electronics I #

4 credits

BUS 146Business Computations

3 credits

RHT 101Freshman Rhetoric & Composition I #

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:17

BUS 146◊: Meets the Mathematics and/or Science general education requirement.

Semester Two

Course NumberTitleCredits
AUT 136Brakes Systems #

4 credits

AUT 150Automotive Power Plants #

5 credits

BUS 154Human Relations in Labor & Management

3 credits


RHT 102Freshman Rhetoric & Composition II #

3 credits


SPE 101Principles of Effective Speaking #

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:15

RHT 101◊, SPE 101◊: Students must complete RHT 101◊ with SPE 101◊, or RHT 101◊ with RHT 102◊. Students intending to transfer are encouraged to complete all three courses: RHT 101◊, RHT 102◊ and SPE 101◊ to meet university requirements.

Semester Three

Course NumberTitleCredits
AUT 240Steering, Suspension and Alignment #

4 credits

AUT 275Manual Transmissions & Drives #

6 credits

AUT 280Automotive Heating & Air Conditioning Fundamentals #

2 credits

BUS 150Principles of Management

3 credits

General education/Humanities and Fine Arts

1 credit

Total Credit Hours:18

Semester Four

Course NumberTitleCredits
AUT 226Engine Performance & Diagnosis #

5 credits

BUS 151Small Business Management

3 credits

CIS 101Computer Systems & Business Applications

3 credits

General education/Social and Behavioral Science

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:14

Total Credit Hours: 64

Recommended elective: AUT 137

See AUT course descriptions.

See Humanities or Fine Arts and Social or Behavioral Sciences General Education requirements.

Note: Hand tools are required for automotive courses that include lab time.

Coordinator: Ken Davis, Ext. 3454, Email: