Plumbing Certificate

Curriculum ARC.PLM.CERT (C446H)

The Plumbing certificate is designed for students who wish to concentrate solely on hands-on construction skills. Graduates are prepared for entry-level plumbing positions in a residential setting.


At the successful completion of the Plumbing Certificate, the graduate will be able to:

  • identify safety hazards on construction sites;
  • interpret drawings and specifications for construction projects;
  • navigate modern codes to find project requirements;
  • utilize appropriate forms in the construction, permit application and payout processes;
  • install and repair rough-in plumbing work; and
  • install and repair finished plumbing work.

Semester One (Fall)

Course NumberTitleCredits
ARC 102OSHA 10-Hour Construction Training

1 credit

ARC 104Introduction to Architecture

3 credits

COT 107Codes, Specifications and Print Reading

3 credits

COT 111Plumbing Fixtures, Valves & Faucets

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:10

Semester Two (Spring)

Course NumberTitleCredits
COT 210Plumbing: Fixture Installation

3 credits

COT 211Plumbing: Fixture Repair

3 credits

COT 248Construction Planning & Scheduling

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:9

Total Credit Hours: 19

See ARC course descriptions; COT course descriptions.

Coordinator: Frances Figg, Ext. 3129, email: