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Speech Communication, Associate in Arts

Curriculum VPA.SPE.AA (U224A23)

As a field of study, Speech Communication is highly versatile, in that it teaches students about crucial issues of human relationships, particularly as revealed through communication issues. The sequence of courses recommended below will prepare students to enter a wide array of fields, including but not limited to advertising, marketing, business, education, law, politics, public service, public relations and human resource management. Speech Communication courses provide an important foundation for students to develop not only professional, work-related skills, but also personal skills that will enhance their overall quality of life and relationships.


At the successful completion of the Associate in Arts Degree (Speech Communication) emphasis, the graduate will be able to: 

  •  create and deliver an effective oral message appropriate for specific audiences, settings and purposes;
  • differentiate from among the various purposes and functions of human communication;
  • identify the elements of a communication model and apply it to a real world situation; and
  • demonstrate active listening skills.

Semester One:

PSY 100Introduction to Psychology

3 credits

RHT 101 #Freshman Rhetoric & Composition I

3 credits

SPE 101 #Principles of Effective Speaking

3 credits

SPE 111Interpersonal Communication

3 credits


MAT 101 #Quantitative Literacy

3 credits


MAT 102 #Liberal Arts Mathematics

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:15

Semester Two:

PSC 150American National Politics

3 credits

RHT 102 #Freshman Rhetoric & Composition II

3 credits

SPE 113 #Small Group Communication

3 credits

General education/Humanities

3 credits

General education/Physical Science

4 credits

Total Credit Hours:16

Semester Three:

SPE 121 #Argumentation

3 credits

SPE 141Introduction to Performance Studies

3 credits

General education/Humanities and Fine Arts

3 credits

General education/Life Science

3-4 credits

General education/Social and Behavioral Science

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:15-16

Semester Four:

SPE 112Intercultural Communication

3 credits


SPE 294 #Gender and Communication

3 credits


General education/Fine Arts

3 credits


7 credits

Total Credit Hours:13

General education requirements:

AA degree

Total Credit Hours:37-40

Speech Communication courses or other electives for AA degree

Total Credit Hours:20-23

See SPE course descriptions.

Chairperson: Dennis McNamara, Ext. 3597