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Psychology, Associate in Arts

Curriculum BES.PSY.AA (U224A42)

Students planning to major in Psychology when they transfer to a four-year school should use the following as a guide.


At the successful completion of the Associate in Arts Degree (Psychology) emphasis, the graduate will be able to:

  • describe key concepts, principles, and overarching themes in psychology;
  • describe application domains;
  • use scientific reasoning to interpret psychological phenomena;
  • demonstrate psychology information literacy to engage with professional literature;
  • interpret basic psychological research;
  • apply ethical standards to evaluate psychological science and practice; and
  • exhibit effective communication skills in discipline specific format.

Required Course:

PSY 100Introduction to Psychology

3 credits

Recommended Electives for Psychology Majors:

Three courses (maximum of nine semester credits from the courses listed below):

PSY 201 #Introduction to Social Psychology

3 credits

PSY 205 #Positive Psychology

3 credits

PSY 207 #Health Psychology

3 credits

PSY 210 #Theories of Personality

3 credits

PSY 238 #Abnormal Psychology

3 credits

PSY 245 #Industrial Psychology

3 credits

PSY 250 #Psychology of Gender

3 credits

One developmental psychology course (nine credit hours of recommended electives for psychology majors):

PSY 216 #Child Psychology

3 credits

PSY 222 #Adolescent Psychology

3 credits

PSY 228 #Psychology of Adulthood and Aging

3 credits

PSY 234 #Abnormal Child & Adolescence Psychology

3 credits

Electives for Non-Psychology Majors:

PSY 296Special Topics in Psychology

3 credits

(Select courses that meet the BA requirements of your transfer college.)

General education requirements:

AA degree

Total Credit Hours:37-40

Psychology courses or other electives for AA degree

Total Credit Hours:20-23

See PSY course descriptions.

Chairperson: Daniele Manni, Ext. 3301