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Modern Languages, Associate in Arts

(formerly Foreign Languages)

Curriculum SOC.FLA.AA (U224A16)

The Modern Languages curriculum is designed to prepare students to participate in a highly competitive multi-cultural global society. Two years of modern language study at Triton will, in most instances, fulfill curriculum foreign language requirements for advanced programs at many universities. Triton is prepared to help students make foreign language choices and take programs based upon their needs and plans for the future.

Career areas enhanced by foreign language skills include:

  • modern languages teaching in schools and colleges (also see Education);
  • international business or professional careers — international export, import, marketing, sales, investment, law, health, development, missionary, Peace Corps;
  • tourism;
  • research — scientific and social engineering;
  • government service;
  • airline positions;
  • translating, interpreting;
  • bilingual, administrative or secretarial work;
  • international banking and finance; and
  • law enforcement — local, national


At the successful completion of the Associate in Arts Degree (Modern Languages) emphasis, the graduate will be able to:

  • pronounce all the sounds of the target language with sufficient accuracy to be understood by a native speaker of the language;
  • compare the historical, social, economic, and political forces that shape society in the target culture with student’s own culture;
  • critique the products of the target culture (film, literature, art, popular culture, media, and other forms of art) effectively within their context through basic research;
  • compare the validity of one’s own cultural beliefs, behaviors and norms with those of the target culture;
  • articulate own cultural diversity within the global context; and
  • integrate cultural specific proficiencies (linguistic, societal, technological modes of expression) to effectively perform practical task in a globalized work environment.


Three courses (nine semester credits)

RHT 101 #Freshman Rhetoric & Composition I

3 credits

RHT 102 #Freshman Rhetoric & Composition II

3 credits

SPE 101 #Principles of Effective Speaking

3 credits

Note: Grade of "C" or higher is an IAI requirement for RHT 101◊ and RHT 102◊.

Foreign Languages:

Four courses in a foreign language sequence (16 semester credits)

The degree requires four semesters of foreign language from one foreign language sequence (e.g., CHN 101◊, CHN 102◊, CHN 103CHN 104◊, ITL 101◊, ITL 102◊, ITL 103◊, ITL 104◊ or SPN 101◊ or SPN 115◊, SPN 102◊, SPN 103◊, SPN 104◊)

Humanities and Fine Arts:

Three courses (nine semester credits), with at least one course selected from Humanities and at least one course selected from Fine Arts.

Social and Behavioral Sciences:

Three courses (nine semester credits)

Students can choose three courses from the approved Social and Behavioral Science course list approved for this degree. Students may not choose more than two courses from any one discipline.

Graduation from an Illinois college or university requires satisfactory completion of one or more courses incorporating Human Diversity which may be taken as a Social Behavioral Science or a Humanities and Fine Arts course.


One course (three semester credits)

The following Math course is required:

MAT 101 #Quantitative Literacy

3 credits

Physical and Life Sciences:

Two courses (seven to nine semester credits)

One Physical Science course and one Life Science course taken from the A.A. Degree's Physical and Life Sciences listing, to include one lab course.


(seven semester credits)

Students may choose any additional courses from the Social and Behavioral Sciences or Humanities and Fine Arts.

(Select courses that meet the BA requirements of your transfer college.)

General education requirements:

AA degree

Total Credit Hours:37-40

Foreign Language courses or other electives for AA degree

Total Credit Hours:20-23

See CHN course descriptions; ITL course descriptions, and SPN course descriptions.

NOTE: Spanish Composition and Conversation I and II (SPN 113◊ or SPN 114◊) may be offered during the summer semester of the school year.

The undecided transfer student should begin a foreign language in the first semester of the first year since two years of a foreign language are needed. It is desirable to complete the foreign language requirement before transferring. The student who does not complete the requirements may be asked to take a placement exam.

Chairperson: Bill Decker, Ext. 3509