Nurse Assistant Certificate

Curriculum NAS.NAS.CERT (C417E)

Designed to prepare nursing assistants to provide care in various health care settings under the direction of a registered nurse. The program includes development of fundamental nursing skills through lectures, laboratory activities and clinical experience. Students may also complete elective courses to gain knowledge and practical skills in ethical and legal responsibilities, medical terminology, venipuncture, and electrocardiography.


At the successful completion of the Nurse Assistant Certificate, the graduate will be able to:

  • communicate accurately and appropriately, with all residents, families and staff relative to observations and care provided to residents;
  • perform basic nursing skills as delineated within the scope of practice of the certified nursing assistant;
  • safely perform personal care skills for residents to facilitate them meeting their basic needs;
  • safely perform basic restorative skills to promote residents achieving their highest level of functioning;
  • identify the psychological aspects of relocation, aging, loss, isolation, cognitive changes, and impending death;
  • provide appropriate emotional and spiritual support to promote residents’ mental health and continued involvement in social activities; and
  • meet residents’ rights to quality care according to HIPPA guidelines.

Upon successful completion of the Nurse Assistant program requirements, the graduate receives a certificate and becomes eligible to take the Illinois Nurse Aide Test, which is required for certification by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH). The program is approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health, 525 W. Jefferson St., Springfield, IL 62761, (217) 785-5133.

Program prerequisites:

  • Have a criminal history records check as prescribed by the Health Care Worker Background Check Act with no disqualifying convictions;
  • must have valid Social Security card number per the Social Security Administration (;
  • must be at least 16 years of age;
  • must be able to speak and understand English;
  • must have completed at least eight years of grade school or provide proof of equivalent knowledge; and
  • must read at a college level, as demonstrated by course equivalency or test at college level Reading.

Semester One

NAS 100 #Basic Nurse Assistant

6 credits

NAS 101 #Nurse Assistant: Care of Patients With Alzheimer's Disease

1 credit

Total Credit Hours:7

Recommended Electives:

AHL 102Ethics and Law for Allied Health Professionals

1 credit

AHL 107Intravenous Venipuncture

1 credit

AHL 108Electrocardiography

1 credit

AHL 111Applied Medical Terminology

2 credits

Total Credit Hours: 7

See NAS course descriptions; AHL course descriptions.

Coordinator: Sandra Bowling, Ext. 3767; email: