Beverage Management Certificate

Curriculum HIA.BVM.CERT (C306J)

The Beverage Management Certificate will provide students with the skills necessary to manage, own or operate a beverage outlet. These outlets include cocktail bars in restaurants, hotels, casinos, banquet halls, night clubs, country clubs, catering operations, sports bars and neighborhood pubs. The students will learn and practice the art of preparing classical and fusion-style cocktails. The certificate also includes a Basic Sommelier course and a Food and Wine Pairing course. The student will receive a valid Training and Intervention Procedures (TIPS) beverage service license, The State of Illinois Beverage Alcohol Service Sellers Education Training (BASSET) license and the State of Illinois Food Safety and Sanitation license.


At the successful completion of the Beverage Management Certificate, the graduate will be able to:

  • apply safety and sanitation skills in laboratories;
  • calculate beverage cost, selling price and recipes;
  • exhibit proper hospitality;
  • categorize classic beverages; and
  • create a beverage for a specific category using proper technique.

Program Prerequisites:

Student must be at least 21 years old and show proof of age by showing a valid driver’s license, a valid State ID card or a valid passport.

Semester One (Fall)

HIA 100Culinary Mathematics

2 credits

HIA 101Knife Skills

2 credits

HIA 110Introduction to the Hospitality Industry

3 credits

HIA 115Food Sanitation & Safety

2 credits

HIA 117Beverage Management

2 credits

HIA 119 #Introduction to Sommelier

3 credits

HIA 150Food Preparation Essentials & Theory

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:17

Semester Two (Spring)

HIA 120Dining Room Service

3 credits

HIA 206 #Food and Wine Pairing

3 credits

HIA 217 #Mixology

3 credits

HIA 276Food & Beverage Purchasing/Cost Control

3 credits

HIA 280 #Introduction to Wines & Spirits

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:15

Total Credit Hours: 32

See HIA course descriptions.

Coordinator: Denise Smith-Gaborit, Ext. 3624

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