Baking and Pastry Certificate

Curriculum HIA.BKG.CERT (C306H)

The Baking and Pastry certificate will provide students with comprehensive, hands-on experience in the fundamentals of baking and pastry arts. Students will obtain necessary skills to produce quality bakery products from scratch. Upon completion of the program, students are employable as entry-level bakery workers and assistant pastry chefs in a variety of commercial food service establishments including retail baking, in-store bakeries, and creating bakery and pastry items for restaurants and hotels. Advancement to positions of baker, bakery management and/or pastry chef may be achieved with additional work experience.


At the successful completion of the Baking and Pastry Certificate, the graduate will be able to:

  • apply Safety and Sanitation Skills in the bake shop by earning and maintaining a valid State of Illinois Sanitation License;
  • perform math calculations necessary for the Baking and Pastry Industry;
  • weight and measure ingredients properly;
  • operate professional equipment; and
  • create decorated cake and pastry with the use of a pastry bag.

Semester One

HIA 110Introduction to the Hospitality Industry

3 credits

HIA 115Food Sanitation & Safety

2 credits

HIA 127 #Cake & Pastry Decoration

3 credits

HIA 128Introduction to Baking and Pastry

3 credits

HIA 130Culinary Arts Quantity-Food Preparation I

3 credits

HIA 132Nutrition

2 credits

Total Credit Hours:16

Semester Two

HIA 134 #Artisan Breads

3 credits

HIA 227 #Advanced Cake Decoration

3 credits

HIA 228 #Specialty Baking and Pastry

3 credits

HIA 276Food & Beverage Purchasing/Cost Control

3 credits

HIA 295 #Cooperative Work Experience

2 credits

Total Credit Hours:14

Total Credit Hours: 30

See HIA course descriptions.

Coordinator: Denise Smith-Gaborit, Ext. 3624

Gainful Employment

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