Horticulture/Grounds Maintenance Certificate

Curriculum HRT.GRM.CERT (C401C)

Designed to facilitate the learner into a career in grounds maintenance. Includes golf course, sports turf and commercial turf maintenance properties.


At the successful completion of the Horticulture/Ground Maintenance Certificate, the graduate will be able to:

  • describe the basic divisions of ground maintenance;
  • demonstrate the proper use of equipment;
  • demonstrate the proper safety rules used in ground maintenance;
  • identify the cultural requirements of plants;
  • integrate appropriate maintenance practices in the Botanic Garden; and
  • develop a functional plan for a horticulture business.

Semester One

HRT 100Introduction to Horticulture

4 credits

HRT 125Plants and Society

4 credits

HRT 127Entomology: Insects, People and Plants

3 credits

Program electives

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:14

Semester Two

HRT 128Plant Pathology

3 credits

HRT 135Soils and Fertilizers

3 credits

HRT 140Landscape Construction and Maintenance

4 credits

HRT 285Turf and Lawn Management

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:13

Program electives (3):

HRT 126Plant Propagation/Greenhouse Operations

3 credits

HRT 145Deciduous Plant Identification

3 credits

HRT 225Evergreens, Vines, Groundcovers

3 credits

HRT 261Herbaceous Ornamental Plants

3 credits

HRT 265Vegetable and Herb Gardening

3 credits

Total Credit Hours: 27

See HRT course descriptions.

Interim Coordinator: Christopher Clem, Email: christopherclem@triton.edu, Cell: (224) 805-3382

Gainful Employment

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