Geographic Information Systems Certificate

Curriculum CIS.GEO.CERT (C407X)

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificate prepares students for employment as GIS Technicians, GIS Analysts, and GIS Developers.


At the successful completion of the Geographic Information Systems Certificate, the graduate will be able to:

  • describe the hardware and software components of a computer in order to understand their function, dependencies and interactions;
  • develop computer programming skills in order to build GIS (Graphic Information Systems) programs and applications;
  • demonstrate use of cartographic principles within GIS programs to show characteristics of specific end points;
  • use GIS software to analyze data in order to define the spatial location and geographic characteristics of an entity;
  • demonstrate an approach to maintain properly installed databases, datasets and data formats to be used in a GIS analysis or application; and
  • create visualizations of GIS data to be used for map documents and web and mobile device applications

Expected Background/Prerequisite Coursework:

CIS 101Computer Systems & Business Applications

3 credits


CIS 121 #Introduction to Programming

3 credits


equivalent work experience

Required Courses

CIS 102 #Professional Information Technology and Computer Science

3 credits

CIS 104 #Geographic Information Systems Fundamentals

3 credits

CIS 204 #Geographic Information Systems Analysis and Projects

3 credits

CIS 278 #Database Management Systems

3 credits

GEO 201Physical Geography: Maps and Land Forms

4 credits

Total Credit Hours:16

Total Credit Hours: 16

See CIS course descriptions.

Coordinator: David Anderson, Ext. 3968

Gainful Employment

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