Administrative Assistant Certificate (formerly Office Assistant Certificate)

Curriculum BUS.ADM.CERT (C407D) (formerly BUS.OFA.CERT)

Students that pursue the Administrative Assistant Certificate program will be prepared to begin entry-level office positions. Students learn the skills and knowledge in office procedure and word processing, customer service and records management.


After successful completion of the Administrative Assistant Certificate program, the graduate will be able to:

  • demonstrate proficient keyboarding skills;
  • demonstrate proficient written communication skills and etiquette;
  • identify business accounting department practices;
  • assess current business practices and trends; and
  • summarize the different roles of customer service.

Semester One

BUS 103Keyboarding Technique

1 credit

BUS 104 #Keyboarding Speed & Accuracy

1 credit

BUS 107Microsoft Office in Business Applications

3 credits

BUS 188Business Writing

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:8

Note: BUS 103◊, BUS 104◊: any student who can type 25 words per minute, on a three-minute timing, with five errors or fewer, using proper touch-typing technique may take a proficiency test for BUS 103◊.

Semester Two

BUS 102Small Business Accounting

3 credits

BUS 171Introduction to Customer Service

3 credits

CIS 161 #Microsoft Excel II

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:9

Total Credit Hours: 17

See BUS course descriptions.

Coordinator: Dr. William M. Griffin, Ext. 3579