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Automotive Technology, Associate in Applied Science

Curriculum AUT.AUT.AAS (C247D)

The Automotive Technology degree curriculum provides the student with a working knowledge of automotive repair on today’s high-tech, computerized automobile.

Upon completion of the program, the graduate will be able to seek employment as an auto repair technician in a dealership or the aftermarket and can move into advanced automotive opportunities, such as service advising and manufacturer corporate positions. This program is National Automotive Technician Education Foundation (NATEF) - Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified.


At the successful completion of the Associate in Applied Science Degree in Automotive Technology program, the graduate will be able to:

  • demonstrate OSHA & EPA recognized safety practices and procedures;
  • demonstrate vehicle symptoms by performing diagnostic evaluations;
  • demonstrate complex automotive diagnostic procedures;
  • calculate math skills related to automotive technology;
  • demonstrate ethical work habits through questioning and answering techniques; and
  • demonstrate communication skills through verbal evaluations.

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Semester One

AUT 112Introduction to Automotive Technology

3 credits

AUT 114 #Fuel Management Systems

4 credits

AUT 127 #Automotive Electricity & Electronics I

4 credits

MAT 122 #Technical Mathematics

3 credits

RHT 101 #Freshman Rhetoric & Composition I

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:17

MAT 122◊: Meets the Mathematics and/or Science general education requirement.

Semester Two

AUT 129 #Automotive Electricity & Electronics II

3 credits

AUT 136 #Brakes Systems

4 credits

AUT 150 #Automotive Power Plants

5 credits


RHT 102 #Freshman Rhetoric & Composition II

3 credits


SPE 101 #Principles of Effective Speaking

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:15

RHT 101◊, SPE 101◊: Students must complete RHT 101◊ with SPE 101◊, or RHT 101◊ with RHT 102◊. Students intending to transfer are encouraged to complete all three courses: RHT 101◊, RHT 102◊ and SPE 101◊ to meet university requirements.

Semester Three

AUT 280 #Automotive Heating & Air Conditioning Fundamentals

2 credits

AUT 282 #Advanced Automotive Heating & Air Conditioning

2 credits

Total Credit Hours:4

Semester Four

AUT 226 #Engine Performance & Diagnosis

5 credits

AUT 240 #Steering, Suspension and Alignment

4 credits

AUT 275 #Manual Transmissions & Drives

6 credits

General education/Humanities and Fine Arts

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:18

Semester Five

AUT 230 #Computerized Engine Controls

5 credits

AUT 277 #Advanced Automatic Transmission & Repair

5 credits

General education/Social and Behavioral Science

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:13

Total Credit Hours: 67

See AUT course descriptions.

See Humanities or Fine Arts and Social or Behavioral Sciences General Education requirements.

Note: Hand tools are required for automotive courses that include lab time.

Coordinator: Robert Jaimes, Ext. 3073