Automotive Engine Repair Certificate

Curriculum AUT.ENR.CERT (C447D)

The Engine Repair certificate program is designed to provide the student with skills necessary for entry-level employment at an engine repair facility.

This program does not include all of the high-tech courses necessary for today’s master technician.

Instruction includes: engine/power plant diagnosis and overhaul stressing field repair techniques such as valve and seat refinishing, guide repair, magna fluxing, block, piston and rod service; bottom-end and engine front-end service plus basic fuel and engine electrical systems.


At the successful completion of the Automotive Engine Repair Certificate, the graduate will be able to:

  • demonstrate industry knowledge through safety OSHA, EPA practices and procedures;
  • apply appropriate industry systematic approaches when diagnosing engine problems or concerns;
  • recognize engine problems based on classroom theory and lab practices;
  • safely remove engines with proper procedures and specifications;
  • label and explain engine components along with tolerances and application; and
  • locate, interpret and apply online manual information provided by the manufacturer or any other automotive online manual website.

Semester One

AUT 112Introduction to Automotive Technology

3 credits

AUT 114 #Fuel Management Systems

4 credits

Total Credit Hours:7

Semester Two

AUT 127 #Automotive Electricity & Electronics I

4 credits

AUT 150 #Automotive Power Plants

5 credits

Total Credit Hours:9

Total Credit Hours: 16

See AUT course descriptions.

Coordinator: Robert Jaimes, Ext. 3073

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